Friday, January 27, 2012

Big Changes

I am a horrible blogger. We have had a lot of changes in the last little while, and even bigger changes coming in the next few months. I am 30 weeks now and so excited to meet our little girl in April. (She is not allowed to come any sooner!!:)) So far I have been really blessed to have a pretty normal pregnancy and a completely healthy baby as far as we know. Teaching has been a crazy adventure with its ups and downs. I am happy to have a job doing what I love, but I have to admit I am counting down the days to when I only need to worry about one child, and it will just be me and my baby girl...

We are in Layton enjoying a normal work schedule where we get to see each other in the evenings and weekends. It's the first time we've gotten to experience a normal schedule and we love it. Unfortunately, Chet has transferred to the airport and now has a crazy schedule again where he works nights and weekends, but it is short term.

Another big change coming is our lease is up in June and we are looking to buy our first place! We are going to settle in Davis County so hopefully we can find a good community to make our home in.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday and the winter that preceded

There has been lots going on since my last post. After a lot of applications and many, many months of searching... Chet found a job here in Logan at a rent-a-car place--he'll pick you up;) and really enjoys it! We feel so blessed that he was able to find a job here where I am still going to school, especially one that he likes.

I got to, I mean um had to, quit Olive Garden in January. I can't tell you how grateful I am able to be able to go to school so I don't have to work as a server the rest of my life. It was great having that job for so long, but I definitely don't miss the stress or rude people. However, I do miss my discount on their yummy food-

I am finishing up my student teaching this next week and then graduating this summer. Wahoo!! I will be going to school all summer. In fact, the only week I have off of school is everyone else's finals week-since I don't have finals (yay)- so we won't be going on any fun vacations this year unfortunately. Luckily there are mountains right by us and Bear Lake close by that I'm sure we can find something fun to do on the weekends...:) Student teaching was such a great experience and I absolutely loved all my students. It's so nice to be so close to finishing school and actually starting my career.

I love Easter. It was such a beautiful day today and so nice to go outside and enjoy the first day of nice weather. We had a fun easter egg hunt with our nieces and nephews. Every year for some reason I think it is going to get warmer sooner than it actually does, then I remember I live in Logan and spring doesn't come til about May.

Since I am a horrible picture taker and realized we don't have many pictures of us from the last year I decided to take pictures today of us. Hopefully this is the beginnig of many more to come. Chet wasn't crazy about this idea (ha ha), but so my blog isn't so boring here are some recent pictures of us. HAPPY EASTER!

Thanks Logan for being our photographer

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Bad and the Good

So unfortunately Chet's "job" didn't work out so well. The job description they gave Chet was just a lil' bit different then what it actually was. Chet went down to Salt Lake for the two day training. Long story short it wasn't what he expected at all. He thought he was going to be writing up insurance reports and visiting prospective clients, but turns out they actually wanted him to recruit employees and have them sell insurance (sounding a little like a pyramid scheme, right?) Chet just didn't feel right about the job so he kindly told them no. About a week before this Chet got an email for an interview in a place in Logan. Three interviews later, they sent Chet an email saying that they are still looking at applicants and will let him know (which we interpret as you are a great guy but you just don't have enough experience). How can someone get experience if no one will hire them? It's like he is overqualified for internships because they look for people who haven't graduated college, yet he doesn't have enough experience to get a job in his field. Can I just say how much I appreciate Chet for being so willing to stay in Logan and look for jobs around here so I can finish school:) We are definitely learning to have lots of patience and faith at the moment.

Speaking of school, I love it! I am in a fourth grade class right now doing level III and I have an awesome teacher who is letting me teach a lot and get lots of experience. I feel so blessed to have found a career that I love so much and that I am so excited for. Now if I could just get my degree so Chet can find something he loves too;)

Monday, October 25, 2010

October: my new favorite month

So October has for sure been the best month of the year! There are so many things to be thankful for. First off Chet found a job! After much patience and searching Chet is going to start working for an insurance broker as an insurance underwriter. The best part is is that we get to stay in Logan since he gets to work from home, and he pretty much picks what hours he works. It is the perfect fit for us since he has to wait for me to finish school. I am so proud of him! Also the Giants are going to the world series! We never thought that when we were at the games a few months ago that we would get to see them in the playoffs this year. To put it mildly Chet is one excited fan. And you can count on him to be watching every minute of every game no matter what he has to reschedule or miss;)

Another thing that has happened this monthis our little niece Brinlee was finally able to come home to her family. We couldn't be happier for Trevor and Shelly's family and can't wait to start playing with our sweet niece.

Some other fun things in October... my birthday was a few weeks ago and I got to hang out with Chet all day and get spoiled by my family, my classes are ending this month (officially this week) so pretty much the rest of my schooling will be done at the elementary and preschool which I am so excited about. Never will I have to sit through another lecture again (minus 2 ESL classes I will take next year). Oh and I can't forget the fall season and Halloween. It's been such a great month and I just feel so blessed right now and very excited about the future!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer happenings

I can't believe summer is almost gone. I am definitely not ready to start school again. The only thing I am excited about is that it will be my last year and graduation is finally in sight! Chet is still looking for a job. He is waiting to hear back from two that he applied to, one for the Jazz internship and the other one which he interviewed for, but he was expecting to hear from them last week so it looks like he's back on the hunt. Why anyone wouldn't want such a smart, good-looking guy working for them I can't figure out:) You know I would hire you in a second babe! But I'm confident Chet will find a job that's right for him when the time is right. I just hope he doesn't go crazy with nothing to do in the meantime:) He definitely likes to be busy.

This summer we were able to have two fun family vacations, first in Bear Lake at my family reunion, and then to San Francisco with Chet's fam. In Bear Lake we did lots of relaxing on the beach and jet skiing which was really fun. It was nice visiting with family as well.
San Francisco was a little more busy, and quite the workout. I would say that we know our way around San Francisco pretty well now. We went on the cable cars and didn't realize that it didn't take us back to the starting point, so needless to say we walked many many blocks. We saw Chinatown, Market street, little Italy, and all that downtown San Fran has to offer.

We of course also caught a few Giants games. They won the first game in an exciting game winning hit against the cubs! Unfortunately they weren't so lucky against the Padres and lost by one. I officially can say I am now a Giants fan since I actually know who plays for their team, and have been to their stadium. I even have a giants shirt with my new favorite player, and hopefully rookie of the year, Buster Posey, on the back.

Here are some other pictures of other spots we hit while there. Also, make sure when you ride the muni (the train in San Francisco) that you buy a ticket. Chet's friend Jordan showed us around and we took the muni a few times. Well we didn't buy tickets since he said they never come on and check. The third time we rode we got on on the front of the train and lo and behold and soon as we got on their was the muni police their to check that we had tickets. Chet ended up receiving a long lecture but luckily Jordan helped talk him out of a fine since we were from Utah. Have to say one of the scariest moments I have experienced. All in all it was a way fun trip!

P.S. I had know idea that summer does not exist in San Francisco. It was COLD! The only time the sun even shone was at the baseball game. Oh and for some reason I packed as if it was gonna be hot there so I only brought one jacket for the whole trip, which is why I am in the same clothes in all my pics-lesson learned!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's new

Surprise! We are moving! The trailer park has finally had enough of us, and 3/4 of the rests of the tenants and have asked us all to leave by August 1st. I guess the water system, and trailers are so old they are not sustaining themselves as long as the University thought and it is costing more money to run it than they are making. Since our lease is up on June 1st we decided last week we should start looking for places. Well yesterday we found a really good deal, called the manager and decided it sounded good enough to come look at. Well, turns out the place was actually pretty nice inside and a really good deal so we decided to take it on the spot which is really shocking if you know Chet. I think both of us just really had a good feeling about the place. The only catch was that they wanted the tenants to move in on Thursday, and Chet had just barely paid our rent. Even at the risk of paying two rents we still decided it was such a great deal we had to take it before one of the twelve other people interested did. Well it must have been a good choice because the trailer park people said they would give us back our rent except for the days we stayed this month. So... we are moving out by Friday morning! I can't believe how fast this all happened since I expected us to stay in the trailer for like another 4 months at least. But, who knows how long we will be here. It all depends on if/where Chet finds a job which is another reason this apartment was so appealing-it has month to month rent.

Also, Yay for Chet! Chet will be graduating on Saturday after five long years of school, getting his bachelors in PR and minor in marketing. I still don't think it has hit him yet that he will never have another homework assignment or test. If it was me I would be jumping for joy! It also could be that he is a little grim about the job market now but with his good looks and smarts I'm sure he will get a job soon;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Fun Weekend

Chet and I were able to spend a whole weekend together! Well, except for Valentines night which is kind of ironic. Anyways I finally took a weekend off of work and we were able to drive down to Salt Lake. Friday night we hung out with some of Chet's mission companions and their wives (who are all such sweet girls by the way) and we ate at Zuppa's, which is my new favorite restaurant by the way. Those guys really need to build one in Logan, so good! It was so much fun hanging out with them, we seriously stayed and talked at the restaurant for like 2 hours. Then we went and stayed at Jordan and Andra's house. They are such great hosts! The next day we were planning on going snowboarding at Brighton and we had arranged to buy discounted tickets from some Lady, but she never called us back when we were supposed to pick them up! AARGH! So we decided we didn't want to spend 120 dollars for one day of boarding and decided we will just go to Beaver in March. So needless to say we had nothing to do on Saturday until that night when we were going to my step brothers wedding reception. Luckily our great hosts said that we could chill with them all day and we ended up buying some cheap tubes and sledding in Big Cottonwood canyon. It was so much fun! Unfortunately Andra wasn't able to sled with us, so it was Chet, me, and Jordan. I don't think I have been sledding for like 4 years so this was a blast! And there was like 3 feet of snow. By the way, when we drove from Logan I was wearing boots and a heavy sweater because there was snow outside and it was cold. Well, the longer we drove the more we asked ourselves is Logan like the only place that has snow? There was seriously no snow in Salt Lake! It was ridiculous. And to top it off our friends told us that it had been really warm weather all week, while we are stuck in Logan freezing our butts off! Yeah, that's when I told Chet I definitely think its time we move...;)But no worries we will be in Logan for a long time. However we are looking for and internship somewhere for the summer so if you see any let us know!

So later that night we got to see my mom at the reception which was awesome. I miss my family so much! After we stopped at In-N-Out and headed back to freezing Logan. Everyone time I go down there it makes me realize how much I miss it, so it's probably good that we don't very much. Don't get me wrong though I love Logan and all of our friends up here. Any way's hope you all had a wonderful, amazing Valentines Day! We Love you!

P.S. The reason I haven't posted pictures lately is because BOTH of our cameras have been broken since August and we have no idea how to fix them. Maybe someday...